I don’t usually find inspiration from other artists/designers, I usually find inspiration from films, photographers, or even the place. In this project I found a lot of my inspiration from the Scandinavian style, and IKEA. 

I’ve looked a lot at IKEA’s advertising campaigns and how they use a simple composition to really make the advert pop. 

They use simple, bold fonts, with a mix of uppercase and lowercase, which is usually black of colour. Although simple it is super effective.  

I tried to replicate what was going on in these adverts in a tongue and cheek kind of way. I wanted the artwork to be fun, and clever at the same time. 

Shigeo Fukuda

I also looked at the Graphic Designer, Shigeo Fukuda quite a bit, as they use very simple compositions and colours in their designs to create something quite powerful. 


For my Final Piece, I used the idea of the beer, and stripped it down to create a modern looking beer bottle, and a wine glass.

A sentence in the article that really stood out to me was “beer was a tenner, and wine was worse”.


I thought I’d use this and advertise the beer, as being very expensive, and ironic advert. 

“Eyewateringly Expensive,

BEER £10“. 

I used typefaces inspired by IKEA’s advertising campaigns, which I tried to give the Audience the simplistic Scandinavian feel. I think it was important not to over complicate things, and keeping the artwork to as few elements as possible helps it convey a clearer message. 


I added a small small line at the bottom of the space, “velcommen to Sweden”, which I used to try and seal the deal. 



I was back to the drawing board with this article.  

Although I felt the visuals were strong, how could I change the message I was trying to convey? 

I looked at Ikea Adverts, and how they advertise. In IKEA’s adverts, they’re quite playful. 


When looking at these adverts I came up with the idea of an ‘Ironic Advert’. Something that is trying to sell Sweden to the reader, but it really isn’t. I feel like that sums up the article well. 

So, how would I do this?  

I sketched down some more ideas for the artwork.  



I had now settled on my Ikea logo idea, and instead of putting it on a building, I though it would be better to keep it simple and strip it down to the basics. I think things are more effective that way. I came up with a design where I changed the logo to “BROKE“, I then added the question, to stop it looking like I was describing Ikea as a company.

I didn’t want it to look like I was saying IKEA was broke, as that would be the wrong message. 

After a critique, I realised that the question still hasn’t achieved this, and it looked too much like an advert for Ikea. Although advertising would be a nice thing to play on, it was just too literal and not clear enough as a message. 



After sketching down more ideas, I thought of an idea of using IKEA as a visual starting point.  

As the article is very much about Sweden from a British person’s point of view, I think I could have fun with the stereotype and use it to my advantage.  

I played around with the typeface and colours, however, I was a bit intimidated by the copyright issues. I got down some sketches to see what things would look like roughly.  



When looking at this article, I researched the publisher and it’s audience.  


The Financial Times is very much read by many middle/upper class people, and is prodiminantly male. The readers have a strong interest in Entrepenuership, Corprate Finance, world news, politics. 

They have a lot of readers in London and is mainly a UK based newspaper however, the Financial Times can be viewed and read worldwide. Stocks are also an important feature of this newspaper. 

I think it would be fun to touch on the financially interested customers, and maybe illustrate something quite tongue and cheek. As the article is mainly talking about Finances and Lifestyle in Sweden, I think it’s important to have some fun with it as it’s quite a boring subject.  


Another idea I came up with when using the Irish limerick process was the use of a Swedish Moose, something very Swedish, and dude it with something very English, a phone box. I liked this idea but I really didn’t feel like this was very me and struggled to visualise the finished artwork. 



For the first project we have had several different options to choose from. The first project is creating a piece of artwork/an illustration to go with an article of our choice. The piece had to be editorial, meaning it needs to convey a message and it must illustrate the text it's in conjunction with. We brainstormed ideas using the Irish limerick technique. *Pick out keywords, put them together, create a limerick*.


I quickly brainstormed ideas, where I came up with several iterations using the words “hipster” and “Coffee” . 

Some of these ideas were cool, but I think I bit cliche and cheesy.